Why “Make Mine Mosaic”?

I used to listen to a BBC quiz show called Make Mine Music. Very British and I wasn’t very good at answering the questions but the name obviously embedded itself in the back of my brain. And inspired the title of this blog for better or worse.

What is the theme of this blog?

Um, mosaics.

Why mosaics?

I decided that I needed to take up a hobby that allowed me to express my creativity. I don’t do the traditional female arts of knitting, crocheting and the like. Drawing is something I’ve never really done much of except in primary school and biology classes. I can do a half decent scientific drawing. I am a reasonable cook and I like making desserts but that form of creativity doesn’t last very long.

So I had been thinking of taking up something to exercise the old right brain and also to meet some other adults. Yep, I have young children.

When I looked at the night classes available at the local high school, the “Contemporary Mosaics” class leapt out at me. And after the first session I was hooked.

Now I have a few obsessional traits. When I get hooked on something I tend to read up on absolutely everything I can, collects bits of obscure info etc. Creating a blog was a fantastic way of keeping tabs on all the things I like and want to file away without it adding to the mess at home.

Where do you get your photos from?

I take as many photos as I can myself so the Darwin photos are all mine.

I use Flickr for the vast majority of the rest because there are fewer hassles with copyright going through there and because blogging is easy using the flickr interface.

The use of other photos of people’s mosaic artwork from people’s websites has been approved by the artists themselves.

If anyone finds their picture on this website and you don’t want it there, contact me at missywombatATgmail.com [replacing the AT with a @]

How do you pick the mosaics you post?

There is nothing organised about this. I may hear about a place with interesting mosaics or I do a search looking for almost anything depending on what takes my fancy at the time. Let’s just say that I think broadly.

Why are there so many categories?

I needed to form some kind of structure for the posts to make things easier for me to find. As this is my blog it reflects the way I think 😉 which will make perfect sense to some people but will frustrate the rest of you. Geographical ordering makes things a lot easier especially when you are looking for that mosaic pic from Laos and you can’t remember let alone spell the name of the temple! Now I wish that I could expand and contract the categories with a click to shrink that column down a bit but this is a freebie WP template and I am no programmer.

Are you a mosaic artist?

I am an enthusiastic amateur.  I started mosaicking in May 2006. I’d like to think I am not completely talentless but I am at the beginning of my mosaic journey. So I make basic mistakes. But I learn from them. And I have enormous fun in the process.

Can I use your photos in my blog?

Maybe. As a rule I have no problem with that as long as you credit my photos and link back to the original photo. And you leave some kind of comment here or at flickr to indicate that you have used my photo. I do check every now and then if people have blogged my stuff. If my stuff is used inappropriately I will pull that photo.

28 comments on “FAQ

  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT – thanks Donna – really like this new addition, so we can learn a little bit about you. Before it was a bit like piecing a jigsaw puzzle together (a bit like a mosaic, actually, eh?). Thanks for this great blog – you are doing what I wanted to do, but don’t have time – so now I don’t have to!!! and it is so dynamic – always growing and changing.


  3. Looking for answers before doing my first floor project but don’t know where to look for help. Do I need to put backerboard on top of the existing plywood before I start laying down my mosaic floor? Help please!?

  4. Altheap, I would suggest joining up with the Yahoo group Mosaic addicts. someone is bound to have done a similar project. And if you look at the floor category of this blog there is a photo of a mosaicked floor that someone did in his house. click on the photo and it will take you to the original flickr photo where you can leave a comment.

  5. Hi!

    I’d really want to use some of your pictures from San Vitale in my script(examination) if it’s okey? I will set your site as reference.

  6. Sorry, didn’t see that the pictures from San Vitale wasn’t yours 🙂 Have to ask oar_square at flickr 🙂

  7. Hi Donna… I found a store at Playa del Carmen, MX in December, where the owner is using his broken Talavera pottery to cover his structure. I returned a couple of days ago, and this time I had my camera with me. I have photos at my Yahoo site,
    http://new.photos.yahoo.com/gardner150/album/576460762402217635. I wasn’t sure where to write off of the blog to let you know about them, in case you’d like to add them to the blog, so I’m just writing here. Virginia

  8. Hello
    I just found your blog and I will put it in my new sidebar in my blog.
    I am a professional mosaic artist, and I thought you may be interested in some of my work.
    I just completed a 7 foot “ArtyGator” for the city of Sanford. It is completely mosaiced.
    If you are interested I could send you some pictures…
    Chrissie Grace

  9. Beautiful, thanks. 😉 I just found that blog by typing “Billy Connelly” on Google Images, and now i favourited it. Beautiful pics, beautiful subjects. Thanks!

  10. i live in albuquerque and want to connect with other mosaic people. do you live here? i love the whimsical stuff on your website and would like to keep going in this direction. how do i do that?

  11. Hi Geo….you are welcome to blog my photos at any time and thank you very much. I’ve lived in a small, isolated mountain community for some time now. I haven’t found anyone living up here that does much more than knitting or cooking…..friends come over for visits and have seen my work so many times that most don’t even notice the new stuff anymore. What a wonderful place Flickr is!……I’ve been able to “go” and see terrific artwork from people with interests similar to mine and it’s been really cool to be able exchange information and ideas with them……thanks again!

  12. I am a mosaic artist. I just moved to Albuquerque in October and would like the opportunity to possibly meet other mosaic artist. My work can be seen at a gallery in Old Town called Santisima.


  13. Do you know where I can purchase the beautiful Gaudi chess pieces? I have search all over the internet with no success. Thank you in advance.

  14. Love the new theme. I am a freak for dark themes, but with the mosaics, it really really works. very sharp.

  15. Hi, i m new in mosiac industry.I have joined SICIS as Architecture sales representative and i m undergoing training process.I m from creative field and have worked in advertising agency before.Pls suggest me how i can learn more about this mosiac art, which can help me in my client persentation.

  16. Hi There,

    Luckily, I stumbled on your site through FB. I am a mosaic artist, too, with a few public art projects under my belt and am really interested in doing more 3D work. I’m really interested in how you built your fish armature. Was it difficult? What kind of wire did you use? What kind of plaster did you use? I live in Alaska and have to be careful about the materials I use for outdoor projects because they have to stand up to -30 – -40F temps in the winter and rain in the summer, plus hurricane-like . So far the 3D fish sculptures I’ve done have been on fiberglass forms but I want to go BIGGER : )) Any advise you could throw my way would be much appreciated. Thanks, and BEAUTIFUL work!

  17. Greetings from the capital of mosaics in the Middle East – Madaba, Jordan. You know, back in the 6th century AD Jordan was filled with hundreds of byzantine churches adorned with fantastic floor mosaics. You have to come and see for yourself! You will be amazed at this wonderful country.
    Here is a little something we sell in our store
    These are replicas of some of the historic mosaics in our land. We can also custom make any order you wish – any size too (one of our suppliers is currently working on breaking the Guiness World Record for the largest mosaic in the world!)
    Best wishes

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