5 comments on “Garden of Oz

  1. July 31st, 2009 15:05

    We stumbled upon the Garden of Oz by accident yesterday while traveling up the street to see the Hollywood sign. We actually were there when the owner of the property was tending the garden.

    We asked about the history and she told us that it began in the 1990’s and over 100 artists have contributed to the garden and it’s up keep. The owner of the property lives next door and she encouraged us to go inside.

    We strolled through and could have spent more time in this peaceful, whimsical garden complete with every color and shape tile and mosaic you could ever think of.

    Unfortunately, no picture taking so as the sign says “remember it with you heart.”

  2. The Garden of Oz is a whimsical escape and it really is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen- i was so captivated and blown away its crazy. You can’t really describe the Garden because when you get there, your absolutely speechless. I’d do traditional style, it makes it even MORE fun…

  3. I also stumbled across it while walking up to the Hollywood sign. I went back twice and today was fortunate enough to see someone inside who let my family in. We spent some magical time there and it is a beautiful, peaceful place that has been lovingly created.
    Ilona, March 6th, 2010.

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