4 comments on “Anyone game to join me?

  1. I give handmade every year, Its something I enjoy greatly and I start my projects usually in august.

  2. I did this one Christmas and had fully half of the recipients roll their eyes and my work ended up on rummage tables. I’m not a newbie and at the risk of sounding arrogant I do nice work.

    Never again will I waste my time on people who don’t appreciate it.

  3. What an ungrateful bunch! My family appreciates whatever time I can manage. I made my MIL a knitted wrap/scarf thing in a fancy yarn [so that you couldn’t see the stitches in great detail LOL] and FIL got some of my chutney. The other MIL got homemade mini-Xmas cakes. I have to admit that I haven’t yet mosaicked anything but that’s due to lack of time rather than anything else. I figure someone will get a mosaicked something as I am trying to make something every month for the people on my list.
    For that reaction I wouldn’t waste my time OR my money. Next time buy a gift in their name for a chicken or a pig in some impoverished place. If they protest it makes them look bad. And you get a truly grateful recipient.

  4. Wench I cant imagine anyone not appreciating your work.
    I put in lots of time on my things and try to make them nice. I have only had one person who didnt like it and she didnt like ME. It was at work. I just keep at it.

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