One comment on “Apostle

  1. Hi, I was the restorer / conservator of this item back in 1987 prior to its sale at Sotherby. It was originally stolen from the cathedral of Torcello around 1852 by the then restorer of the mosaic, who replaced it with his own version. Subsequently bought by a Welsh railway engineer, it was taken to Wales in the mid 1850s and given to his local church at Tallygarn, where it remained unknown until it was rediscovered by an astute historian attending a wedding there in 1987. I got it as a restoration job, as it was damaged whilst being removed from the church wall where it had been securely plastered in. At the time of Sotherby’s sale it was the only item ever to have a sale catalogue solely devoted to it! I still have the catalogue for the sale, along with the invitation to the luncheon which the directors of Sotherby held to thank me for the restoration. I travelled to Torcello recently to view the original mosaic wall, and to see the (faux) replacement head for the first time. The original head is a stunning piece and I have the privilige of being the only person apart from the original artists to have actually seen the reverse of the tesserae.

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