9 comments on “Nureyev’s Grave

  1. I have seen this in several books and it is absoluitely fantastic. I would love to know who made it, how they made it and where I can see more of their work. Spectacular!

  2. What a wonderful thing. Kaffe Fasset the textile artist and designer used this image in one of his lectures on a visit to NZ and it has haunted me ever since, it looks so tactile and soft yet would be cold and unyielding to the touch. Amazing.

  3. Nureyev’s grave is very beautiful, dramatic, sensitive, unexpected, and suited to the complexity of this great artist personality. The rug a symbol of comfort and warmth gives me the impression that protects him, as well as welcomes me to sit and keep him company. Beautiful art work, bravo Enzio!

    I worked with Nureyev in American Ballet Theatre. Next time I am in Paris I will visit him.

    Hilda Morales
    (Former Soloist of ABT)
    February 8, 2009 at 1:08 pm

  4. Il mosaico del sepolcro di R.Nureyv è stato eseguito a Ravenna da Akomena ,su progetto di Ezio Frigerio(scenografo)ed elemento scultoreo : atelier scenografici de l’Opera de la Bastille Paris.

  5. I have long been fascinated with the mosaic work on Nureyev tomb and will one day see it in person.
    Helene Clairoux Fagan

  6. Amaging. work is so beautiful no one can believe that its a mosaic work it looks like a real rug.
    Best wishes to the Artist

  7. I cannot ever view this magnificent memorial without a tear coming to my eye. It’s a fitting memorial to a truly great artist that contributed much to the art of dance and theater, and beauty. Our world is better because he was here.

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