2 comments on “Concrete for artists!

  1. I have to say I have certainly enjoyed the wonderful images & information you have chosen to share. I have an admitted weakness for art that employs ubiquitous materials such as cement and aluminum cans. Stop by our little forum when you get a moment. All we do there is make garden art and share the experience.

    And if it is OK with you, I’d love to add a link to this site so our members can enjoy it as well, but I never do it without the owners blessing, so if you would, just drop in and leave a note sometime.

    Thanks for sharing! — Tango

  2. I’m a bit of a greenie myself so when I see stuff that can loosely fitted into the mosaic category which either uses leftover stuff in the garden shed [Hmmm, I do have a bag of cement in there…] or reuses or recycles stuff, I will post all about it :).
    I have already visited your forum. WordPress shows you the website where visitors come from and I’ve seen the Garden Art Forum pop up before so had to check it out. Feel free to link to this blog. I have no problem with people linking here as long as they leave a message for me just to let me know.

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