5 comments on “The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood

  1. I’d like to use some of your photos of the Kawakawa toilet in my public lecture to the World Toilet Congress later this month (18 to 20th Apr). I will of course credit your website and place its url on the images themselves. I hope this is ok. Can you email me back if it is not? Many thanks, boonlay.
    BTW. Great blog.

  2. “St Petersburg’s architecture is predominantly Baroque and Neoclassical…”
    There were many dozens of churches in the style of this one (built mostly between 1860 and 1905) as well as those inspired by other styles of the Russian pre-petrine architecture. Quite a few of them survived the 1920-1930’s, so this cathedral indeed seems lonely in the surrounding landscape. I should say, most of these churches (and this one too) were quite mediocre architecturally, which served as official justification of their demolition, though some treasures were lost as well.

  3. And some more bile 😉 I understand you are limited by the illustrative material available, but, except for the last mosaic, the others figured are not among the best ones this church can offer. There are nicer things, indeed. I will try to photograph and post to the flickr what seems more decent to me – probably you find some of them interesting, too 😉

  4. thanks for the beautiful photos specially the crucifixion of Christ by Parland it’s marvellous Marie from Italy

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