3 comments on “Good Friday

  1. I’m brand spanking new to mosaics…meaning I’ve never done it and I have no idea where to begin. But we have a huge blank concrete wall in our yard that is begging for a project. My partner wants mosaics, so during my research I stumbled upon this blog. I could really use your help if you’re willing. I have 2 questions, 1) where can I find colorful tile at a low price or even for free (like tile stores that have leftovers…do they do that?) and 2)What else do I need?

  2. Go around the tile shops as they often have a sale section and sometimes [if they are like my favourite] they just put a pallet or two of surplus tiles they can’t move out on the grass verge as a freebie.
    Another good place to look is the recycle shop at your local rubbish dump. A lot of the extra tiles from building jobs end up there and they tend to put them together in the same area.
    For the adhesive I suggest using thinset [exterior concrete adhesive] and I definitely think you will learn heaps if you join up with the Mosaic Addicts Yahoo group.
    Sandy Robertson and the others there are a wealth of information and incredibly helpful and fun.

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