5 comments on “Uenuku

  1. did you realise you must have permission from the Maori King to photograph or reproduce/publish a picture of Uenuku? Do you have permission?

  2. This is not the case. For 1 the King would not be involved in such a decision such as this and 2 although I agree with people not taking photo’s willy nilly of our tribal Atua, things always have a way of wokring themselves out if you have done somehting you should not have.Quite often the pictures wont come out or similar.Be respectful and ask yourself why are you taking pictures of someones deity ?.If were really concerned about it make contact with Tainui via their website, they will give you some good advice.

  3. TeAriki is a bit misinformed. According to the Te Awamutu Museum in New Zealand, ONLY the Maori sovereign (King Tuheita Paki) may give permission for pictures to be taken of or copied of (such as art work) Uenuku. http://WWW.TAMuseum.org.nz/uploads/23778/whenua.htm You can see for yourself. And who are we to judge? Artistic inspiration is not the spirit speaking to us, opening us up to their message? Promoting that image, that message, that awareness is perfectly respectful for even if its not your personal deity, the spiritual message may be for someone else and we may just be the messenger. Don’t read other people’s mail, just deliver the message you’re supposed to. THIS is good advice…people are just so overly sensitive and overly PC sometimes…

  4. Thankyou for your korero and I can see you are respectfull of our personal Taonga. It is always interesting to get other cultural perspective.

  5. I’m answerable to uenuku only, spiritually he leads me in what I do. I am going to do an impression of him. He was found near my Marae, we are the protectors. Any find issue do challenge me. My Tamoko has him woven within the threads of my tupuna. For the one that said of this tapu. What is sacred is to ensure that the intention and purpose is honorable, respectful, and the energy is of this taonga. I do not walk in fear, in the work I do is to get people out fear that is abusive spiritually. I am very much of indeginous are located in America now and are representing who we are as maori, to support the Native American here . We are the rainbow warriors, Kia kaha. Wish you much love. Sandy Herewini of parawera

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